What People Are Saying


Quotes about The Event from past participants:

“I would rate The Event as the top training in the world for healing and personal growth.” — Charles M.

“The Event was a watershed for me. That weekend brought me in touch with myself in a way that no other experience in my memory has done.” — David L.

“The Event unlocked my voice and gave me access to a part of me that never got to speak up as a child. It provided clarity on how I can heal and grow even if I’ve spent most of my life hiding who I am.” — Jamie R.

“The Event did more for me in one weekend than everything I’ve tried in the last ten years.” — Olga S.

“The Event for me was a wake up call to enliven relationship with my husband. Over the years, raising four children, careers and life had left little time in my day for relationship. Since The Event, our relationship is more alive and more passionate than ever.” — Terry N.

“The Event radically shifted my life from being just “OK” (and sometimes really not OK), to one with fresh possibility. After years of unsuccessful couple’s therapy, The Event brought my husband and I back together with a new context of how to move forward in an adult relationship. It woke me up to a life of aliveness, potential, and the possibility of true happiness. The experience participating two times in The Event has become a reference point for why I continue to practice every single day – not just for myself, but for all the people in my life.” — Sarah S.

“The Event was perhaps the most impactful experience I have ever had, making a profound difference in the quality of my life. I got clarity into issues I had been living with for decades. Since the Event, I worry much less and have a greater sense of tranquility. I simply enjoy life more.
I have much more patience and compassion for people. I listen to other people more deeply and in a way I didn’t before. In my business, I resolve situations with my co-workers with much greater ease.
Finally, I find that I have more physical strength and energy in a way that has surprised and delighted me.” — Howard K.

“I realized how difficult it is for us as women to express our anger in a healthy way. It was a struggle it was for me to take my voice back and how incredible it has been since that happened.” — Linda Z.

“The Event gave me my life back, as a woman and as a human being. I now have possibilities beyond my wildest dreams.” — Kirsten A.

“The Event certainly has what I would call a mountain top component. It is intense. As with most exceptional and demanding experiences, once one is back in everyday life there is a certain disconnect that occurs with what one has learned. However, in The Event I achieved a profound perspective that is just as suited in everyday life as it was in the crucible of that experience. Honestly, some of the things I got unraveled in there, in one afternoon in particular, could have taken me years on my own to get to.” — Richard C.

“My wife took The Event before me and she really wanted me to do it. I really did not want to, but thank God I finally did. It has changed my entire life.” — Martin J.

“Since The Event I find that I am ruthlessly and compassionately assessing my current relationships and engagements with people and with life altogether. I am acknowledging my responsibility for old, stuck, comfortably uncomfortable patterns and relationships. I am realizing my crippling fear, and the “me” inside that is screaming at “me” to make choices to move beyond it.”
— Cindy C.

“It’s been almost three years since I attended The Event and its repercussions continue to shake me to the core, well out of my comfort zone. Yet when I attend to these simple and clear insights, I feel more awake than I have in decades. Thank you.” — Erik R.

“Doing The Event made a big difference for my primary relationship. Our communication is more tender and real than before. Watching people in The Event get out from behind armor and masks helped me see how much I protect myself and how it keeps me stuck and “right.” It gave me new inspiration to be in charge of my life and be an adult who serves. This work is so needed in the world. Thank you for providing it.” — Lisa R.

“In the Event I literally reclaimed my life force by accepting responsibility for the parts of myself that I had disowned and refused long ago. Regaining access to these parts of myself has made it possible for me to show up for my marriage and career at an entirely different level.” — William S.