The Event
Led by Fleet Maull & Khandro Kelly
April 24-28, 2018
Stony Point, New York


millersquare575manThe Event is an opportunity to get to the core of what is incomplete in us so that we can move forward in our lives with clarity and passion. It allows us to complete the past and to create a new and different future for ourselves.

You are warmly welcomed to join Fleet Maull and Khandro Kelly for a powerful, practical, and streetwise training in which we discover the keys to creating a life that works.


The Event is a four-day training in which participants experience a break-through in areas of their life in which they are stuck. Tools are given to cement the break-through during the training and simple ways to sustain the break-through in the midst of daily life. The Event is a unique opportunity to reclaim one’s natural dignity and sense of purpose, as well as to take down the wall that keeps us from accomplishing what we wish to accomplish in our life.

Participants engage deep personal work in an environment of safety and support that allows for enormous positive shifts in one’s life. The unique methodology of the training, developed and refined over forty years, is a catalyst for:

  • building healthy relationships
  • discovering our authentic voice
  • clarifying and standing behind our highest commitments
  • resolving the past to move forward with more energy
  • transforming negative or self-limiting core beliefs
  • reconnecting to our passion and vitality
  • building the capacity to effectively manage our emotional triggers
  • clearing the way to greater personal and professional success

The Event has been led in the United States and Europe for over 30 years in many different settings.


  • Location  – Stony Point Center in Stony Point, New York (about 1 hour north of New York City).
  • Schedule The Event includes a Tuesday night introduction and full day training on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Event program includes guided gentle exercise and meditation session, hearty home-cooked meals, three full training days and one day of integration to design and deepen your practices to take back into daily life. All participants need to make arrangements to depart Stony Point Sunday morning, not Saturday night.
  • Air travel logistics – Flight arrangements should be made to Newark International Airport. Please choose a flight that arrives in the afternoon on Tuesday and make note of the 1-1.5 hour drive time from Newark to Stony Point. Registration and dinner begin on Tuesday at 6pm. To accommodate the full day of training on Saturday and transportation time Sunday morning, we suggest you plan a departure flight no earlier than 9am Sunday morning.
    If you need transportation from Newark Airport to Stony Point, please fill out the transportation request form here:
    Please note this is a separate service provided by Stony Point and is not included in The Event tuition.


Introduction: It’s a Breakthrough Training

Background of The Event

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The Event Training is not therapy.  It is a personal development training.

The Event Training does not involve or imply any form of diagnosis, therapeutic treatment or ongoing therapeutic relationship.  The Event Training trainers are not practicing or licensed therapists or counselors.  They are highly experienced and psychologically informed personal development trainers and facilitators.   In some cases, participants will be advised and/or encouraged to seek out a qualified therapist or counselor to address issues that surface during the course of their participation in The Event Training in the context of a professional therapeutic relationship; however, this is not the core purpose of The Event Training.