Purna Steinitz, founder

In the early 1990s, Purna participated in a workshop called The Game, founded by a man named Ken Windes, a Transactional Analyst. At the end of that weekend, Ken told Purna that he’d been trying for 22 years to teach someone else to lead The Game and he thought Purna had the potential. He trained with Ken for three years and then founded Athanor [The name for the furnace that alchemists used to turn lead into gold], a training company that focused on teaching people how to embrace being an adult. Athanor grew to have three centers in Germany and eight in the United States.In 1996, through a series of “coincidences,” he was invited to lead a workshop in a Federal Prison. Since then he has worked extensively at San Quentin State Prison and as a contractor for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, working with prison leadership and inmates.

Purna grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in New Jersey with a very angry Dad from the streets of Brooklyn during the Depression, and a Mom who stood by and watched her husband take the heart and soul out of her son. The thing that Purna is most grateful for is that for the past 38 years he has been shown how to leave all that behind, without denying his past.

He is the founder of The Event Training, New Line Consulting, Heart Stream Education, and the Trimurti Community. Over the last 35 years he has dedicated his life to being a catalyst for the transformation of individuals, couples, organizations, and people who live and work in prison. He combines a unique understanding of human dynamics with his intuition and skill that people of many different backgrounds find immediately useful to reveal truth and untruth in people’s lives.

He lives outside of Bozeman, Montana with his wife and his two children, in an intentional community. He travels extensively whenever he is asked to speak or lead a workshop.